Mission Statement : The goal of TizzArt is to raise funds for local and national charities in Canada and around the Trent Hills Area.  TizzArt donates 15% of the proceeds of all products to the charity which that product promotes.




TizzArt was created and is run by a sixteen year-old girl named Cassidy Tizzard.  This summer Tizzard was given the opportunity to start her own business through Summer Company Grants given out by the provincial government.  Tizzard decided that in her business she wanted to share her artwork and give back to her community and from there TizzArt was created. 

TizzArt now has greeting cards for a variety of the prints...


Below is Cassidy's first image "The Butterfly" which was created as a graphic to promote the "MS Aware Community Concert" at Westben in May of 2017.   "The Butterfly" (made up of nerve cells as a symbol of hope) is available in unisex and fitted T-Shirts as well as on prints.



As well as the MS Society of Canada, TizzArt will also produce prints for the following charities: The Cat Care Initiative, The Owl Foundation, and The Aron (Greenroof).




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